Posted by: berwickarc | 27/05/2018

Durham City Regatta

The weekend saw Berwick Amateur Rowing Club travel to Durham Rowing Club to compete in the first of the city’s three regattas. First up was Ian Black and Chris Eke rowing in a masters double against older opponents had to overcome a 10 second handicap which they did to move into the Semi-Final. The next race for Berwick was Ian Smith and Ian Boyd-Whyte also competing in a double in the master’s category’s which saw them racing against a younger Talkin Tarn crew who found the 10 second handicap they had too much to overcome to beat the Berwick double who therefore qualified for the Semi-Final. Andrew Cairns was meant to be next up however his opponent from tees was injured so he automatically qualified for the semi-final in his single. Ian and Chris were next to row racing a double of the same age (so no handicap) they took a close win over Doncaster to reach the Final. Ian Smith and Ian Boyd white were up in their semi-final against a Durham crew who were the same age so again no handicap. The Durham crew used their home advantage to beat our men and knock them out at the semi-final stage. Next to take to the water was Andrew in his single some poor steering and fast opposition from Queen Elizabeth High School (QEHS) saw him Knocked out at this round. They say bad things come in threes well this came true for Berwick as Ian and Chris also lost out in the final of their masters double. After a quick rest Andrew and Chris were ready to take to the water again teaming up to row in elite doubles. A bye to the semi final meant they were rowing a Durham crew that had already rowed and beaten a York crew. Berwick took a very fast start which was too much for the Durham crew to overcome seeing Berwick safely into the Final where they would meet QEHS. Quickly after the elite doubles race was the masters single sculls which sore Ian Black competing against Doncaster in the semi-final, to which Ian took a convincing win sending him into the final. As mentioned earlier Chris Eke and Andrew Cairns met QEHS in the final of there elite doubles race again our two men took a fast start to which QEHS kept up with but the overall strength of our two men in the final was too much and so took the first win of the day for Berwick. Ian Black then replicated this success in his single by putting in a very hearty performance to hold off a very strong sculler rowing on home water to take the win in master’s single sculls. Berwick’s final performer of the day was Will Dalgleish in Junior 18 single sculls in one of the best entered events Will drew a sculler from Tyne rowing club. This was only Wills second race in a single and the first over a short course. He put in a strong and fast start holding off the Tyne sculler until about halfway when unfortunately, Will made a slight steering error however he has gained lots of experience from his row.

On Sunday Berwick were back. Chris Eke and Lee Fenton were first up in a mixed double this was one of the closest races of the day as the Doncaster double held our double too just a canvas which is about 2 feet. They then went onto meet Durham in the final which after a hard first race Berwick were unsure of. However another quick start saw Berwick beat Durham easily to take the win in mixed doubles. The next boat racing was a composite quad formed of 3 Berwick rowers: Lee Fenton Elvira Drummond and Chris Eke then 1 Cambois member: Jamie McCarron the four rowers took a convincing win in the semi over Hexham. They then faced Durham School in the final. This again served up a very close race with our quad fighting back after being down off the start to take the win, with thanks to Cambois Rowing Club for the use of their boat. Elvira was next to row and this was probably the best comeback of the day Elvira was dropped by the fast rating Doncaster sculler off the start however Elvira’s strength and determination saw her advance to the final where she met Durham School. The Durham school rower gave Elvira a very good race however was too strong for Elvira to overcome. Finally, to finish off the weekend Chris Eke and Andrew Cairns were back in their double to race a much talked about Talkin Tarn/Durham school crew. The men once again took a very fast start and took the win, which gave Chris 4 wins out of a possible 5 and 3 from 3 on the day. Overall it was a very successful weekend for the club and everyone should be proud with their efforts.


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